Kaiyon Biotech Inc.

Kaiyon Biotech,
Research and Development company with a focus on CBD and Psilocybin...



Kaiyon Biotech Inc is a U.S. research and development company working in Korea with a consortium of experienced doctors and researchers dedicated to improving mankind’s debilitating physical and mental ailments with progressive holistic solutions.


We are a biotech company instituting a facet of studies, with pharmaceutical resources and technologies that will help  synthesize our research and help expedite our goals.


By obtaining a KFDA approval, our research team will create a proprietary compound between psilocybin and CBD that will better assist the medical and psychological community in the treatment of specific disorders, which include but not limited to pain resulting from Cancer treatment, Autism, PTSD, ADHD, Depression, Addiction, improvement in concentration and other phycological illnesses.  Kaiyon Biotech will be partnering up with a multitude of universities and biotech centers to facilitate this venture.


Our scientists are leaders in cancer and neurology research, with over 15 years of experience in CBD.  We are eager to embark on this journey by uniting their minds and developing groundbreaking answers to these areas, where science can truly shine.

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